The Microsurgery Training and Research Laboratory

Course involves 14 hours/two days of intensive training including the use of the operating room microscope, micro-instruments, micro-suture and live animal models. The learning process is conducted through one-on-one lessons, and is closely monitored by the instructor, who provides guidance through feedback and skill evaluation throughout the entire course.

This course is offered for residents, fellows, practicing physicians, and other allied medical professionals who would like to obtain the basic knowledge and fundamental skills of microvascular surgery.

Certification: Upon successful completion of all requirements students receive the Certificate of Training

Procedures taught:

  1. Use of the surgical microscope
  2. Basic suturing techniques using a plastic model.
  3. Performing end-to-end arterial anastomoses utilizing femoral artery of the rat (1mm diameter)
  4. Performing end-to-end venous anastomoses utilizing femoral vein of the rat (1.3mm diameter)
  5. Peripheral nerve repair (sciatic nerve)
Click for animation of micro-suturing
Click for the patency test for end-to-end anastomosis (video)

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