The Microsurgery Training and Research Laboratory

Training Courses in Surgical and Microsurgical Techniques in Rodents

There are two courses offered: Simple (2day/14 hrs) and Complex (3 day/21hrs)

Both courses involve intensive one-on-one training and teaches research staff basic surgical techniques and procedures performed on rodents. The main goals of this program are: uniforming the surgical training for research personnel, applying 3 R's (reduction, replacement, refinement), introducing microsurgery to the research community.

Each of the courses will accept only 3 students and will be offered by demand or once a month. All procedures are taught and evaluated by Microsurgery Instructor Dr. Yelena Akelina. Upon completion all students receive the Certificate of Completion.

The Curriculum:

All techniques are taught on PVC Rats, then live rats and mice model

  1. Introduction

  2. Hands-on Exercises
    (Using latex glove model, PVC-Rat)

Surgical Procedures taught:

  1. Simple course

  2. Complex

Click for animation of micro-suturing

Cannulation of the Jugular Vein
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