The Microsurgery Training and Research Laboratory

The course involves 5 days of intensive, individual one-on-one laboratory instruction in microsurgical techniques including the use of the operating room microscope, micro-instruments, micro-suture and live animal models. The course is designed for surgeons with previous experience in microvascular surgery or those who have completed the Basic Microsurgery Course. Exercises vary depending on surgical specialty of the student (free tissue flaps for plastic surgeons, vasovasostomy for urologists, tubal anastomosis for OB/GYN, etc)

Procedures taught: CLICK HERE for pdf version of procedures:

  1. Performing end-to-end arterial and venous anastomoses utilizing a femoral artery (1mm diameter) and vein (1.3mm diameter) of the rat
  2. End-to-side anastomosis: artery-to-side of vein and vein-to-side of artery
  3. Free tissue flaps
  4. Vasovasostomy
  5. Tubal reconstructions

Click for animation of micro-suturing
Click for the patency test for end-to-end anastomosis (video)
Click for end-to-side anastomosis (video)

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